Thursday, July 20, 2017

Family of Five

Life with twins and a toddler is CRAY CRAY! As you can see, I haven't posted in over a month. I have been lighting up Instagram so you can always look there if you want to see the mayhem that is our life. :) 

But last month we took family pics with Lindsey Koch Photography and we love love love them!! The first photo is pretty standard for how life is around here now. Except more crying (for everyone, ha!). Thank you Lindsey for capturing our family!

Bradley's face kills me here. :)

And here. :)

Nate also took a bunch of pics with the kids since I had pictures when he was at work with the twins.

And some with Bradley. :)

Bradley's glamour shot time!

This will probably be our only pic of Bradley with the girls for a while...he is a little rough to say the least!

Love my family of five!

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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Best Car Seat Covers!

I get asked a lot what are some must haves or "needs" for my second (and third) time around having a baby. Definitely one thing I knew this time that is a need is a really good car seat cover. With Bradley I had one of those "free" (where you pay like $15 for shipping so not really free) car seat covers that just attach to the handle bars so if you even hit a bit of wind your baby is exposed.  Those are ok for indoors, but there are so many times you need your baby(ies) more covered than that! This time I had been following Milk Snob on Instagram and knew I had to have one (then two once I knew we were having twins!) to really keep the girls covered when in public.

A lot of people have heard of Milk Snob from when they were featured on Shark Tank and the sharks were loving it as much as us moms! The second I received my covers I could tell I was going to be obsessed. They are insanely soft, super versatile and so stylish - the stripes are so me! :) I couldn't wait for the girls to arrive to try them out!

The top of the cover has a nice opening that stretches and you can pull down to see the baby, or leave up and have a tiny peeking hole. And I am not sure how the fabric is so amazing but it is awesome - it stretches a ton but bounces right back in place.

When we left the hospital when they were not quite three days old I forgot the covers at home - big mistake! I didn't realize how much of a sideshow twins are and how much attention they get. Fresh babies coming through - keep your germs away! I basically ran with the stroller to get outside to our car hearing, "twins!" about five times in our short walk through the hospital. Eek!

So fresh they still have tags! :)

I was much more prepared a few days later at our first pediatrician appointment. The girls arrived in style and very covered. Love!

Leaving the ped appointment and next to the van looking Mom AF. :)

Then we had our first Target trip! We received lots of compliments on our stroller and covers. And a few "good job Mama!" from sweet and supportive moms. These are so necessary when out in public places like this - the germs are EVERYWHERE.

Matching the covers like a boss :)

These covers have more uses than just being a car seat cover as well. They can be a breastfeeding cover, shopping cart cover, used over a high chair/swing/Mamaroo - so many options! These would be the perfect baby shower gift - or get a gift card since there are so many different prints for the mom/dad to pick out!

So this is one of my must haves with a new baby! And I plan on leaving the house more than we do now and then these will really get a ton of use. :)  

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Twins Newborn Pictures!

I'm finally getting around to posting Carmen and Jolie's newborn pictures! I shared a few on the last post but there are so many more amazing ones! Thank you Lindsey Koch Photography!

I love the pictures so much  - it is impossible to pick a favorite! However I am totally drawn to this one with the unicorns because of the snuggly and cuddly cuteness all around. 

And also this one of Jojo checking out Carmen! :)




Sweet sisters

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